Avoid Scratches When Cleaning Galvanized Ice Buckets

In daily use, if the galvanized ice bucket is washed incorrectly, it is very likely to cause scratches. How can we avoid these scratches? Let’s take you to the correct cleaning.

1.Avoid scratches on the surface of the ice bucket. Usually a small scratch may scratch off the corrosion-resistant Cr oxide on the surface of the stainless steel, causing the stainless steel inside to rust easily. Rust expands.

2.Avoid scratching stainless steel when galvanized ice bucket, avoid using steel wire balls, grinding tools, etc.

3.Keep the surface of barrel products clean. The dirt on the surface of stainless steel products is likely to be the main culprit to make stainless steel rust. If the surface is very dirty, wash it with soap or weak detergent. Rainbow-like patterns often appear on the surface of the barrel, which can be removed with neutral washing to make it more resistant to corrosion.

Strictly follow the cleaning steps of the galvanized ice bucket, not only to avoid scratches, but also for us to use better in the future, but we must ensure that it is cleaned correctly, and it can also achieve the effect of extending the service life. Instead of.

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