Be Proficient In The Safe Operation Of The Ice Bucket To Ensure Zero Mistakes

Nowadays, we must pay attention to safe operation and correct use of everything we use. Safety issues occur from time to time around us, which makes us have to pay attention to it. Therefore, we must be familiar with the correct safe operation before using ice buckets to ensure Zero error is the goal that our ice bucket manufacturers have been pursuing.

1.Ensure the correct connection of parts, including the correct connection of power lines and various pipes. When connecting the power supply, it is necessary to distinguish whether three-phase 380V voltage or two-phase 220V voltage should be used, and the correct connection should be made according to the voltage marked on the equipment. Pay attention to make the power supply of the power supply more than 25% of the power required by the ice bucket. In addition, the equipment must be equipped with a protective switch and a reliable grounding device to ensure safe power usage and normal operation of the machine.

2.To ensure a water supply that meets the standards, tap water should usually be used, and the water source must not contain impurities or acidity and alkalinity.
There are many benefits of using an ice bucket, but we must pay attention to the above-mentioned problems, use it safely and correctly, and give full play to its role.
Safe operation is a problem that we cannot ignore at any time. Not only now, but also in the future, the operation is correct. It is not only good for us, but for the ice bucket, it extends its service life and saves us. All aspects of unnecessary maintenance.

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