Casting Method Of Ice Bucket

Ice bucket casting: The method of casting metal materials to obtain qualified castings, including fluidity, tendency to shrink and deform.
Ice bucket machining: the processing ability of stainless steel products, the performance is usually evaluated after the workpiece surface roughness, cutting speed and tool wear.
The ability of the ice bucket to be weldable materials to adapt to commonly used welding methods and the ability of stainless steel products in the welding process. The performance is generally based on the judgment of the welding area of the welding crack sensitivity and the changes in mechanical properties.
Cold bending: The material of stainless steel products can withstand bending without breaking at room temperature, and perform general cold bending test and evaluation.
Punching: the ability of stainless steel products to deform without cracks and other defects after hot stamping, general cupping test, performance evaluation.

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