Causes Of Physical Damage To Stainless Steel Ice Buckets

The stainless steel ice bucket may be physically damaged due to improper operation during use, which will affect the normal use of the ice bucket. When using it, pay attention to the correct operation method to avoid physical damage to the surface of the ice bucket , So what are the causes of physical damage? Let’s analyze it for everyone below.

The physical damage of the stainless steel ice bucket is mostly formed during the coating process. After coating, it enters the drying oven to dry. Because the inside of the bucket is relatively sealed, the air and moisture in the bucket gradually evaporate due to the high temperature in the furnace. Expansion, the internal pressure increases, the internal gas can generally be leaked through the tightly sealed barrel mouth. After the ice bucket comes out of the oven, usually at this time the turnover mouth cover is replaced and tightened with a formal mouth piece. After leaving the production site, it will gradually cool down and the internal pressure will gradually decrease. When the internal pressure is less than the external pressure, the barrel body will easily sink due to the pressure difference. The solution is to tighten the mouth of the stainless steel ice bucket after it has cooled.

Therefore, the physical damage of the stainless steel ice bucket is basically caused by improper operation and use. In the process of using, pay attention to the control of the high temperature in the furnace to prevent the excessive temperature difference from changing the barrel during the coating process. The reasons introduced can be avoided as much as possible in actual operations in the future.

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