Drying Treatment Before Ice Bucket Production

Products like ice buckets need to be dried before being produced. why would you said this? The ice bucket that undergoes drying treatment can be put into use normally to ensure the use effect of the product. What is the specific process? Let us understand together:

1.The ice bucket should be dried with hot air before immersion plating. The hot air flows continuously through the drying chamber to drain the water of the plating agent attached to the surface of the plated parts.

2.The hot air flowing in the drying pit is controlled at 100°C-150°C.

3.The baking time of the workpiece in the drying pit is generally 2-5 minutes. For components with more complex structures, the baking time should be determined according to the degree of drying of the surface of the workpiece.

4.The movable cover of the drying pit must be started without obstacles. The ice bucket should be fully dried. The immersion plating should be carried out immediately after being lifted from the drying pit to prevent the workpiece from being placed in the air for a long time.

5.The above content is the drying treatment that we must carry out before we produce the ice bucket. Only the product can be put into use after this process, so that more friends can use it with confidence.

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