Establishing A Tray Sharing System Has The Following Effects

(1) Conducive to reducing the logistics cost of the whole society
Establish a pallet sharing system, lease and recycle pallets, and promote the free exchange of pallets between enterprises. For companies that use disposable pallets for cargo transportation, they no longer need to spend a lot of money to buy or make pallets, and the rent paid is much lower. Because of the cost of disposable pallets, it can effectively save pallet costs for enterprises. For example, the current Haier Group’s pallet rental price is 3 yuan/time, and it takes more than 30 yuan to buy a disposable cork pallet, which is more than ten times the difference. It is estimated that after China has established a pallet sharing system, it can save about one-third of pallets overall, which has huge economic value. In foreign countries, a pallet can save more than 500 US dollars in storage, loading and unloading and transportation costs during the circulation process of the products it carries, which is equivalent to dozens of times its own cost. At present, in China, with the exception of large-scale production enterprises with more advanced management levels, the material handling expenses of ordinary enterprises account for up to 40% of the total product cost. Therefore, the establishment of a pallet sharing system in China will certainly help reduce the logistics costs of the whole society.

(2)Conducive to improving the quality of logistics services
Establishing a pallet sharing system to realize pallet intermodal transportation and mechanized operations can not only effectively avoid the damage of goods caused by manual handling, but also avoid counting errors caused by the ineffective assembly of goods. For example, the common practice of European logistics can be imitated. The products are assembled on standardized pallets when they are off the production line. Special packaging machinery for pallets is used to encapsulate the valuable goods and ordinary goods on the pallets with opaque and transparent plastic films. The goods are stored and transported. Once opened, it is difficult to recover and easy to identify. It can effectively solve the first major problem of China’s backward logistics: “The damage and loss of goods. There are many manual operations in railway and road transportation, and goods stacking errors, damage and Stolen”. This will effectively improve the quality of logistics services in China.

(3)Conducive to saving social and economic resources and protecting the ecological environment
Currently, the United States has about 1.5 billion to 2 billion pallets, and Japan has 700 to 800 million pallets. Although the number in China is small, it is increasing at an average annual rate of 20 million. Most of them are wooden pallets. The timber tree can only manufacture up to 6 standard pallets. If a pallet sharing system is established to promote the circulation of recyclable plastic pallets and metal pallets among enterprises, it will greatly reduce the number of disposable wooden pallets used, which can not only save forest resources, protect the ecological environment, but also reduce the economic operation of the entire country cost.

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