Factors That Affect The Price Of Ice Buckets

Ice buckets can be described as a new type of product now. With the increase in use, various products with different performances and different qualities have appeared. Therefore, the price of products has also been different. In this regard, we It is even more necessary to understand the reasons and make reasonable choices.One, the difference of model
The price of ice buckets varies greatly, some are several thousand, some are several hundred, and the difference is very big. Because of the difference between the models of the same brand, the price difference is also very large. This is also because the performance of different models is different. So prices vary greatly.

2.The difference between different sales dates

Products of the same brand and model have different sales dates and prices vary greatly. Especially on some holidays, corporate anniversaries and other companies will carry out some activities to benefit the people, so the price will have a big promotion, which is also a factor affecting the price.
Three, different ways to buy
When choosing ice buckets, the purchase price varies greatly through different channels such as official website purchases, official agency sales outlets of enterprises, and purchases by intermediate merchants. Usually, the official website of enterprises saves more intermediate links, so the price is cheaper.
From this we know that the reason why the price of ice buckets is different is mainly due to factors such as model number, date of sale, and purchase channels. However, it may also be due to quality reasons. So when we buy, Be sure to choose strictly.

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