How To Use Ice Bucket Ice Wine Correctly

We all know that we want to have a sip of cold wine on the river in the hot summer, but with the continuous development of the economy, a new device has been invented in addition to the refrigerator, which is an ice bucket, and it is very convenient to use, so it is very popular. Everyone’s love and recognition, but only in accordance with the corresponding correct method can the desired use effect be achieved. Let’s take a look at the correct steps to use the device.
As the name implies, the word ice bucket is a bucket filled with ice cubes. It is often used to preserve white wine, rosé wine and sparkling wine.
correct steps:
Prepare an ice bucket, add ice to the equipment, and then add water.
Make sure that the ice water is less than 2/3 of the wine bottle.
Add a handful of fine salt to the ice bucket. If you don’t add salt, ice wine needs about 20-30 minutes.
Constantly rotate the wine bottle, so that the wine on each plane is in full contact with the ice water.
Wait about 7 minutes for white wine; about 5 minutes for rosé wine; about 2 minutes for red wine.
In summary, the method to use iced wine in an ice bucket is correct. We can use the above methods in the hot summer. Put the wine in ice cubes according to the ordinary method. In fact, this kind of iced effect It is very bad, so we can use the above methods. Of course, we must clean it according to the corresponding cleaning method after use, so as to ensure that the next time it is used, it can still exert the corresponding effect.

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