Classic Vinturi Wine Aerator

Product name:wine vinturi aerator
Place of Origin:China

Product Details

Quick Details
Product name:wine vinturi aerator
Place of Origin:China
Wine Accessories:base/ manual/velet bag
Usage:decantering red wine
Packing:Color Box
OEM:OEM Service Accepted
Type:Bar Sets
Certification:FDA, LFGB
Feature:Eco-Friendly, Stocked

Why aerate?
Air does some pretty neat things to wine, It releases flavors and aromas, softens tannis and more. And while traditional methods can take hours, Magic Decanter gets you results in seconds.
The Global Patent LFK Multistage Wine Aerator uses multistage aeration that more effectively aerates wine as you pour. Other aerators only use a single aeration design. The unique design aerates in 3 steps: first wine is dispersed over a top umbrella, then drains through 32 holes, and lastly air is injected into the tube before the wine exits the bottom and into the glass. The multistage aeration allowing wine spread out throughly and efficiently mixes oxygen with the wine to break down the tannins which can give wine an overly astringent, bitter taste. The multi stage aeration provides a more balanced finish while enhancing the aromas and flavors for the ideal glass of wine, every time!

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