Stainless Steel Whiskey Balls

High Quality China Supplier Stainless Steel Chilling Whiskey Ice Cubes skull

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Stainless Steel Whiskey Stone Set with Velvet Freezing Bag for Travel for Wine
Skull stainless steel ice cube, quick Frozen Ice cube for drinking
Bpa free skull stainless steel ice cube, wine cooling reusable ice cubes
Stainless Steel Whiskey Stone Ice Cube

1. High Quality China Supplier Stainless Steel Chilling Whiskey Ice Cubes skull
2. The skull shaped whiskey stones will chill your drink in just 3-4 minutes! The chilling stones are perfect for those that want to have a chilled drink at the recommended temperature without watering their drink down by adding ice cubes. Enjoy your strong, chilled whiskey with no dilution.
3.The unique chilling stones are sure to impress your party guests. The whiskey stones are skull shaped and they are the perfect accessory for every whiskey enthusiast that wants his drink to match his adventurous personality. Your skull shaped chilling rocks will be the talk of the party.
4. The skull shaped whiskey stones and tongs come in an elegant and high quality velvet storing bag. This classy set will make the perfect gift for every whiskey enthusiast. Give this set to your friends or family for birthdays, anniversaries or as a house warming gift and rest assured that they will love it.
5. The skull shaped chilling rocks are made with premium quality stainless steel that will never rust or break. They are easy to clean and completely safe for you. They have no taste or odor so you can enjoy a pure drink.

Item Features:
1. They look great in Glass.
2. They stay at the bottom of the glass.
3. The stone edges are rounded, preventing scratching.
4. cool idea, cool gift.
5. The stone don’t add any flavors or smells.

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