Production Quality Control Of Ice Bucket

During the production and processing of ice buckets, we must pay attention to strict quality control. A good product is inseparable from its excellent production technology. The entire process, including design and production welding, needs to have unified specifications. , Let’s introduce to you how to control quality during production.

1.The ice bucket is welded in the place required by the drawings and process regulations and constructed in strict accordance with the welding process regulations to prevent welding deformation.
2.When polishing or wire drawing is required after welding, be sure to keep the same plane with the original metal material (do not grind out the depression), polishing and
3.Pay special attention to the metal material not to overburn when drawing. (The material will be deformed and will not shine after being burned)
4.After the ice bucket is processed and passed the inspection by the inspector, it must be packed to prevent the outer surface from being scratched or bumped. (Wear clean gloves when packing).
5.Keep the construction site tidy at all times and achieve civilized production.
6.Before blanking, the composite dimensions must be carefully blanked according to the drawings and process regulations.
When stainless steel sheet is bent, it is necessary to test the tool, and calculate the pressure of the machine tool and which tool to fold first and which tool to fold. Prevent the occurrence of waste products.

The above is an introduction to the production quality control of ice buckets. Through this article, we can understand that there are many points to pay attention to in the process of production and processing. During the production process, pay attention to mastering the correct techniques and follow the operating specifications. To prevent the wrong operation from causing unqualified products.

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