Stainless Steel Ice Bucket Regular Maintenance Operation Method

For stainless steel ice buckets, its anti-corrosion is the most important link, because it will be affected by the oxygen in the air, and oxidation reaction will cause the ice bucket to corrode. After a long time, it will rust and bring losses to the enterprise. What is the specific operation, let’s understand together below:
【Regular maintenance method of stainless steel ice bucket】
One of the most common anti-corrosion measures for stainless steel ice buckets is to apply a layer of anti-corrosion material on the surface of the ice bucket, which can isolate the oxygen in the air and extend the service life. It is best to put the ice bucket in a relatively dry or closed area. place.
For those ice buckets that are not in use temporarily, drop the ice cubes and take them out when the power is off, and then wipe the stainless steel ice buckets with a clean towel or cloth before placing them. In addition to the anti-corrosion coating mentioned above, cathodic protection can also be used for the ice bucket, which will not cause great damage even if it is not used for a long time.

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