The Perfect Combination Of Ice Bucket And Cold Storage

It is correct to say that the cold storage and the ice bucket can play the same role, because both can refrigerate the things put inside, but they are different. This difference is mainly reflected in their cooling methods.

Ice buckets are different from cold storage. They can’t refrigerate themselves, but they can be refrigerated with ice cubes in the cold storage. It can also be said that ice buckets work in the low temperature environment of the cold storage to make ice. Although the food will not deteriorate and rot when placed in a low temperature environment, the taste will be more delicious after special treatment. Ice cubes can play such a role, so the ice bucket is also indispensable.

On the other hand, enjoying food is something that everyone loves. Good wine needs to be kept warm in a certain low temperature environment to taste more mellow, so the ice cubes made in the ice store can help to cool down at this time. Look like this Come, we can see them as good helpers that can be used together.

Although the ice bucket and the cold storage are both refrigerated, they can also be like the above. When there is no competition between the two, they can complete the generation and use of ice together, and we are the beneficiaries. I believe this process We all like it.

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