Things That Can’t Be Done When Using Stainless Steel Ice Bucket

Stainless steel ice buckets are made of stainless steel and used as utensils for refrigeration equipment. Due to the particularity of the material, we have many places to pay attention to when storing items. Once unsuitable items are stored, it will cause corrosion. The phenomenon of rust. Affect our normal use of it. So what are the areas we need to pay attention to? Please see the introduction in this article.

1.When using stainless steel ice buckets, avoid storing foods that have been acidic. Acid will cause the chromium and nickel contained in stainless steel to be released into the food.

2.Stainless steel can not be used to cook Chinese medicine. Generally speaking, Chinese medicine contains a variety of alkaloids and organic acids. Under heating conditions, these components are prone to chemical reactions, which will make the drug useless and even generate some more toxic complexes.

3.Do not use strong alkaline or strong oxidizing chemicals, such as baking soda, bleaching powder, etc. to wash the stainless steel ice bucket. Because these substances are strong electrolytes, they will react electrochemically with stainless steel.

4.Stainless steel materials can not be burnt empty. Because stainless steel has lower thermal conductivity and slower heat conduction than iron products and aluminum products, air burning will cause the chrome coating on the surface of the cookware to age and fall off.

Through the above explanation, everyone should also understand the precautions for the use of stainless steel ice buckets, so we must pay attention to avoid storing the above substances in daily use, which will cause unnecessary damage to the ice bucket. Can greatly extend the service life.

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