Tips For Derusting Galvanized Ice Bucket

Due to its characteristics, galvanized ice buckets may have rust spots due to corrosion after a period of use. At this time, we need to perform rust removal on them. So what tips in life can help remove rust? Let me introduce to you.

1.Derusting with ammonium sulfate solution: add 1 kg of ammonium sulfate and 20 kg of water, stir to dissolve, put the rusty galvanized ice bucket into it, soak the rust automatically according to the degree of rust, and wipe the light rust with a cloth That is to fall off. Then rinse with clean water. Then immerse in lime milk or apply rosin gasoline liquid to prevent rust.

2.rosin gasoline liquid anti-rust: 50 grams of rosin powder, add 50 grams of gasoline, mix and stir to become rosin oil liquid. Apply this liquid to iron farm tools that are not rusty, and dry them to prevent rust.

3.Derusting with vinegar: Put the rusty small farm tool parts in vinegar and soak until the rust layer is easy to peel off. Remove the rust with a wire brush, then put it in vinegar and soak for two or three minutes, take it out, wipe and dry OK.

4.Derusting with baking soda water: Use an appropriate amount of rice wash water in a jar, add baking soda according to the ratio of baking soda to water 1:500, mix well, and put in agricultural tool parts. After a few days, it will ferment and bubble, and a layer of rust will float on the water. Take out the parts and wipe them to dry.

5.Lime milk anti-rust: The burnt lime is dissolved with a small amount of hydration, and an appropriate amount of water is added to make a lime milk, and iron farm tools are immersed in the lime milk.

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