Welding Technology Of Stainless Steel Ice Bucket

In the process of producing stainless steel ice buckets, when necessary, a minor operation is needed to make it better. Generally, the most common operation is welding, which must be operated by professional personnel to ensure technical safety. The usability of the product, let us understand in detail below:
According to actual applications, there are many types of tanks designed for stainless steel ice buckets, including single-tank and multi-tank types. The stainless steel ice bucket tank can be described as an important part of the machine structure, and its welding process requirements are also strict.

1.Choose a suitable welding method: For stainless steel with a plate thickness of less than 6mm, TIG is good; for large plates, MIG welding can be considered.

2.Reasonable control of welding parameters: The current and heat input used for welding are about 20% less than that of low carbon steel. Related formula: I=(25-35)d (I is the welding current, d is the core diameter of the welding core), but also to avoid welding seams crossing.

3.The joint design is reasonable, and the bevel angle should be selected: the stainless steel ice bucket body is mostly made of 2MM stainless steel plate, and the vibration surface should be made of 316 2MM. In this way, the service life of the ultrasonic can be ensured. Generally, argon welding is used, and actual welding is sufficient. It must also look good.

Okay, the above content is about the knowledge about the welding technology of stainless steel ice buckets. Only when the product has experienced the production of this welding technology can the usability be fully guaranteed.

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