What To Do If The Galvanized Ice Bucket Is Rusty

The rusty metal, which used to be extremely hard and durable, will soon become a thing of the past. How to restore the original luster of the rusty galvanized ice bucket? In order to achieve this goal, we must first learn to prevent rust and rust. How to solve the problem of galvanized ice bucket.
Galvanized ice buckets are generally made of stainless steel. After rusting, you should use No. 0 water scrubbing paper for dry grinding; but you must first determine whether it is rusty. If it is just a general burnt smoke spot, wipe it off with a kitchen cleaner or decontamination powder. . You can also soak it in water overnight, then use a small piece of 1000# water scrubbing paper and rub it carefully on the burnt area with your fingers. You can also buy a piece of No. 400 water scrubbing paper, soak it in water and rub it with light force, and then it can be removed. Do not use force to avoid rubbing the pot body. Minor burn marks can be wiped off with a “scouring pad” dipped in decontamination powder and a little detergent.
Regular manufacturers use high-quality stainless steel materials, refined through advanced processing technology, bright surface, smooth corners, beautiful shape, wear resistance and fall resistance than ceramic tableware, not easy to stick to oil, not black, and more than plastic tableware Environmental protection, longer service life. Therefore, it is slightly better than other products in rust prevention.
After reading the above introduction, we generally understand that galvanized ice buckets generally do not rust, but rust may also exist during use. Once rust occurs, we can follow the above methods to deal with it to ensure that the ice bucket can Long-term use.

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